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The Byzantine elements of Hagia Sophia are present in the interior's grand dome, its massive marble pillars, and the intricate mosaics of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, angels, and saints that were uncovered when the building was transformed from a mosque into a museum. The dome, stretching 107 feet across, is an architectural marvel The Hagia Sophia isn't just the best-known tourist attraction in Istanbul, or one of Europe's most cherished landmarks it's one of the greatest buildings in human history. This church, nearly 1500 years in age, was once the center of Byzantine faith, later reborn as the predominant mosque of the Ottoman Empire, and today has found a new purpose as one of the world's most popular museums One of the most impressive views inside Hagia Sophia is that the Imperial Gate and The Apse appear simultaneously from the outer corridor. This view, which arouses great excitement in the visitor, encourages you to go inside immediately

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Justinian's Hagia Sophia is the one that stands today. It is an architectural intelligence and the first masterpiece in Byzantine architecture. It has been the largest cathedral for 1000 years until the Seville Cathedral was built. The church has a rectangular shape, and the square vast square nave measuring 31m (102ft) is covered with a central. Hagia Sophia has had a rich and turbulent history, changing hands between Christians and Muslims and having its doors open to all as a secular building from 1935 to 2020. The recent change in jurisdiction to Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs came on the 126-year anniversary of the 1894 earthquake that greatly damaged the building It is an ancient monument revered by different ideologies for centuries. Hagia Sofia in Turkey - one of the world's most contested buildings - is creating co..

The fascinating Mosaics of Hagia Sophia tell us many mysterious things about the history of this 1.500 year old edifice. Though covered and uncovered more than once throughout the history, mosaics outstand on the walls of this masterpiece. On the contrary to the general view, there were almost no figurative images in Justinian Hagia Sophia.Geometric embellishments, flower, fruit ornamentations. Hagia Sofia (řecky Ἁγία Σοφία (Hagia Sofia), turecky Ayasofya) čili chrám Boží Moudrosti je byzantský chrám z let 532-537 v zátoce Zlatý roh v Istanbulu, jedna z nejznámějších sakrálních staveb světa.Původní křesťanská svatyně s centrální kupolí a sídlo patriarchy byla po dobytí Konstantinopole Osmany upravena na mešitu (a později opatřena minarety); v. • When Hagia Sophia was a church 50 foot silver iconostasis was decorating inside, now it is on display in the museum. • Only Patheon in Rome has slightly bigger dome than the dome of Hagia Sophia in the world. • Hagia Sophia was converted in to a museum in 1935 by the first President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Dedicated on December 26th, 537 by the emperor Justinian, the great church of Haghia Sophia was the religious centre of the Byzantine Empire for nine hundred years. After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453, it served as an imperial mosque of the Ottoman Empire. Before becoming a place of worship the Hagia Sophia was a mathematical problem that required risk-taking to be solved. The ''Emperor Door'' is the largest inside Hagia Sophia. It's made of oak and has a bronze frame. The minbar is a structure for the leaders of the Islamic prayers to deliver speeches

Subscribe and to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer https://bbc.in/2J18jYJ Explore the Hag.. The Hagia Sophia is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site in Istanbul. For almost a millennium after its construction, it was the largest cathedral in all of Christendom. It served as a center of religious, political, and artistic life for the Byzantine world and has provided us with many useful scholarly insights into the period. It was also an important site of Muslim worship after Sultan. The interior of Hagia Sophia is lined with enormous marble slabs that are said to have been designed to imitate moving water. And, the Hagia Sophia's 104 columns were imported from the Temple of. Hagia Sophia is a vast domed basilica that towers to height of a 15 story building. it was built in six years, from 532 to 537 by Justinian's architects, Anthemius and Isadore. It is famous for its enormous and breathtaking dome, that still soars over the nave of the church. There is an inside railing. The dome has 40 windows and 40 brick. Take a look inside Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia, a former cathedral-turned-mosque, that is now converting back into a Muslim house of worship

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Hagia Sofia (turkiska Ayasofya, grekiska Ἁγία Σοφία (Hagia Sofía (uttalas [hággia Sofí:a]), latin Sancta Sophia eller Sancta Sapientia, Heliga visheten [förtydliga]) i Istanbul i Turkiet byggdes ursprungligen som en kristen kyrka åren 532-537 av Justinianus I.Till följd av brytningen mellan den västliga och östliga kristenheten blev den senare förknippad med den grekisk. Hagia Sophia - 3D Virtual Tour. Hagia Sophia virtual tours can be started by clicking the preview window or by downloading the stand-alone versions. Just drag the mouse to the direction you want to look. Use the scroll wheel to zoom at the details. Press F9 to get a list of the 3D sites you downloaded (residing in the same directory). To install the listed sites as a screensaver press F5 Hagia Sofia (ďalšie názvy pozri nižšie) je bývalý byzantský kresťanský chrám, neskôr turecká moslimská mešita na Zlatom rohu v Istanbule.Je to jedna z najznámejších a najvýznamnejších sakrálnych stavieb sveta, do 16. storočia bola stavba najväčším kresťanským chrámom na svete. Kupola Chrámu Svätej Múdrosti bola až do stavby kupoly nového Chrámu svätého. Hagia Sophia's change of status by Turkey was not a show of power, but evidence of weakness, he declared. image caption There was only space inside Hagia Sophia for 1,000 people at a time Several days later, NPR reported that Hagia Sophia held its first prayers inside, and Turkey's president announced that the mosque would continue to be open to all visitors, regardless of faith.

Hagia Sophia je otevřená každý den od 9 do 16 odpoledne, přes léto až do 19. V pondělí jsem jednou zažil Hagii Sophii zavřenou (2010), ale on-line zdroje v roce 2015 udávají, že má otevřeno i v pondělí. Vstupné během mé poslední návštěvy stálo 20 TL (asi 200 Kč, 2014) Tarihin içinde daha önce deneyimlediklerinizden farklı bir SPA deneyimi İstanbul'un keşfine kısa bir ara verdiğinizde, kendinizi eşsiz kolonların arasında bulacak, zamana meydan okuyan tonozların altında kendi masalınızı yazacaksınız. Modern dünyadan kaçış noktanız Hagia Sofia Mansions olaca Mr Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and urged respect for the decision Inside, intricate mosaics and art depict both Christian and Muslim symbols. But after a court revoked the Hagia Sophia's status as a museum earlier this month, Erdogan immediately ordered the. Hagia Sofia neboli chrám Boží moudrosti se nachází v istanbulské čtvrti Sultanahmet, která v metropoli patří k lokalitám s největší koncentrací památek. Hagia Sofia již po více jak 1400 let ohromuje kolemjdoucí svou elegantní architekturou s krásnými zdobnými detaily

He told a press conference the first Muslim prayers would be held inside the building on 24 July. Like all our mosques, the doors of Hagia Sophia will be wide open to locals and foreigners. Hagia Sofia (kreik. Ἁγία Σοφία, Pyhä viisaus) on historiallinen moskeija Istanbulissa Turkissa.Alun perin kirkoksi vuonna 537 valmistunut rakennus on historiansa aikana vaihtanut käyttötarkoitustaan useasti: se on ollut sekä lännen katolisen että idän ortodoksisen kirkkokunnan käytössä että moskeijana ja vuosina 1934-2020 museona, kunnes se päätettiin jälleen. The rooms at Hagia Sofia Mansions are elegantly designed with antique-style furnishings and include a minibar and en suite bathrooms. Some rooms have a relaxing seating area. The hotel's Sera Restaurant serves dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients

Inside the Hagia Sophia. Exploring Istanbul. November 21, 2017. Dedicated on December 26th, 537 by the emperor Justinian, the great church of Haghia Sophia was the religious centre of the Byzantine Empire for nine hundred years Istanbul's most iconic landmark, the Hagia Sophia was the biggest church built by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul. It was once a Greek Orthodox Christian Church, then a Mosque. It now stands as a museum and is currently Istanbul's most visited tourist attraction. We spent a good hour marveling at the beauty of Hagia Sophia's interiors How long can you stay inside Hagia Sophia? Once inside you can stay for as long as you like. You should allow about 1,5 hours for visiting the Hagia Sophia to have a detailed look at the architecture, mosaics, construction, the imperial dome, upper galleries, etc Your Hagia Sofia Inside Detail stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual.

Hagia Sophia Architecture. Facts about the History, Architecture and Dome of Hagia Sophia. The dome of Hagia Sophia was the greatest architectural achivement of human race in the medieval world. The height and breadth of the dome that dominates the church's central space have awakened awe and admiration in visitors in all periods Inscripted by M. ''Izzet Efendi'', the eight calligraphic roundels of Hagia Sophia were placed by Fossatis during the Sultan Abdulmejid reign. The huge wooden panels bear the names of Allah, Mohammed and his grandsons; Hasan & Hussein and four caliphates. They intended to remove them when the mosque was converted into a museum The Marble Door inside the Hagia Sophia is located in the southern upper enclosure or gallery. It was used by the participants in synods , who entered and left the meeting chamber through this door. It is said [ by whom? ] that each side is symbolic and that one side represents heaven while the other represents hell

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The Hagia Sofia plan is basically an inscribed Greek cross. The hall has four piers at the corners of the square rising in circular arches to support a central dome by means of four pendentives. The upper galleries were used by the women, and were reached by steps inside the building. Much of Hagia Sofia's appeal comes from its size Muslims prayed inside for five centuries, and there are a lot of churches converted from mosques in Spain. These things happen, the 45-year-old said. The story of the Hagia Sophia mosque. Mr Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and urged respect for the decision. He said it was Turkey's sovereign right to decide for which purpose Hagia Sofia. hagia sofia interior, istanbul, turkey - hagia sophia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Tourists visit Istanbul's famous Hagia Sophia on July 02, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey's Council of State will begin a review today of the..

Unlocking the Hagia Sophia. by The Guide Team; Posted on 7 October 2019 12 August 2020; The Hagia Sophia has served as both a shrine of peace and an everlasting fountain of mystery through the centuries. By Aslıgül Armağan. The Hagia Sophia has been home to various cultures, religions, and traditions Interior of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. The crown of the dome rises 180 feet (55 meters) above the floor. (Image credit: Artur Bogacki Shutterstock) Building the Hagia Sophi Exploring the underground tunnels beneath the Hagia Sophia. Source: YouTube - Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace (The Wells, Subterranean Channels and Water System) In 2005, a survey of the wells in and around Hagia Sophia was carried out with the long-term aim of understanding the function of the underground tunnels and water system used for the building and its surrounding areas Thus the divine presence had to remain inside the great church by virtue of his promise and presumably is still there. Any doubt about the steadfastness of Hagia Sophia could hardly stand in the face of the fact that a divine guardian watches over the church. [1] Hagia Sophia sits astride an earthquake fault Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art

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Istanbul Hagia Sofia. 4 14 0. Hagia Sophia Cami. 2 5 0. Istanbul Hagia Sofia. 4 2 0. Igreja Luz Luminária. 4 5 2. Mosque Istanbul Sofia. 4 8 0. Architecture Istanbul. 4 3 0. Temple Byzantine. 5 0 2 Hagia Sophia overlooking the Bosphorus, situated in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul. 3. The History of ByzantiumThe Roman Empire proved too vast togovern. In 286 AD, it was divided into Eastand West. The empire was re-united brieflyunder the rule of Constantine (306-337AD), who in 330 AD transferred the capitalfrom Rome to Byzantium, which. Your Hagia Sofia Inside stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual.

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Inside Hagia Sophia after Turkey's president converted it into a mosque 7/10/2020. Hagia Sophia is nearly 1,500 years old and served as one of the most exalted seats of Christian and then. Reversing Ataturk's secular legacy plays well among Turkish nationalists, for whom the museum inside the Hagia Sophia long represented a humiliating foreign imposition and a blot on the Ottoman.

In a televised address to the nation, Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and he urged respect for the decision In a televised address to the nation, Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and he urged respect for the decision. Advertisin Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that was a Byzantine cathedral before being converted into a mosque which is currently a museum, is seen in Istanbul, Turkey, June 28, 2020

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  1. A flag of an Islamic extremist terrorist organisation inside Hagia Sophia, has been filmed and published on social media. Afghan Taliban flag was raised in HagiaSophia, Turkey by pro-Taliban activists, said Noor Dahri on Twitter
  2. The entrance to the Chapel of the Holy Well inside Hagia Sophia is still there at the eastern end of the south aisle. The Chapel -passage to be exact - of St. Nicholas was also there. Russian travelers described the Chapel of the Holy Well as being between the Chapel of St. Nicholas and the very beautiful columns, like jasper, meaning the.
  3. Hagia Sophia's famous resident cat, Gli, has died after being taken ill in September, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced on his social media account. I am sorry to lose Gli. Hagia Sophia's.
  4. arets to the structure. Until the completion of Istanbul's Blue Mosque in 1616 the Hagia Sophia was the.
  5. Gli's sister Kizim also lives inside the Hagia Sophia, but it's Gli who's the famous one - she has her own Instagram and Tumblr account, and she even met former US president Barack Obama during one of his official visits to Turkey. She really, really likes to pose. Image: Courtesy of the Hagia Sophia Cat Instagram pag
  6. 15 Hagia Sophia HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. - Wallpaper Abys
  7. Istanbul (Gulf Inside) Following the decision to turn Hagia Sofia into a mosque at the Istanbul Museum, the call to prayer was given there on Friday, which was broadcast live on Turkish channels.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that congregational prayers will start from July 24.. A Turkish court on Friday ruled that Hagia Sofia should be converted into a mosque

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  1. hagia sofia is a extremly intresting place like anything in europe the build something and whoever is ruling they turn this into a church, a wepon depot, a mosque, etc !! take the walking tour or a guide tour they will explain you things that you wont know on your ow
  2. News has broken that the Muezzin of Hagia Sophia suddenly died on Sunday. A Muezzin is one appointed to lead and recite the Islamic call to prayer, and Osman Aslan who was assigned to Hagia Sophia died of a heart attack, Turkish media reported. In the statement made by the Mufti's of Constantinople, Our Kagithane District Uhud Mosque passed away due to a heart attack during the voluntary.
  3. But Hagia Sophia would stay open all night through to Saturday morning to allow the faithful the chance to pray inside the mosque, Ali Yerlikaya, the governor of Istanbul, said in a televised news.
  4. Hagia Sophia is one of the most famous and recognisable buildings in the world. (Getty Images) Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum will be called a mosque from now on, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday. Hagia Sophia will no longer be called a museum. Its status will change
  5. In a televised address to the nation, Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24. I underline that we will open Hagia Sophia to worship as a mosque by preserving its character of humanity's common cultural heritage, he said, adding that that it was Turkey's sovereign right to decide what the building would be.
  6. Taliban Flag Unfurled Inside Hagia Sophia Mosque, South Front, August 4, 2020: On August 3 rd, a Taliban flag was unfurled inside Turkey's newly re-opened Hagia Sophia mosque. In the footage, you can see a group of men with the group's flag unfurled. This is a white cloth that depicts the Shahadah (evidence of faith in Islam)
  7. Santa Sofía o Hagia Sophia (del griego: Άγια Σοφία, «Santa Sabiduría»; en latín: Sancta Sophia o Sancta Sapientia; en turco: Ayasofya) es una antigua basílica ortodoxa, posteriormente convertida en mezquita, luego en museo y, desde 2020, nuevamente en una mezquita de la ciudad de Estambul, Turquía. [1] Desde la fecha de su inauguración en el año 360 y hasta 1453 sirvió como.
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  1. Hagia Sophia - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Hagia Sophia (from the Greek `Αγiα Σοφiα - Holy Wisdom) is a religious monument of the Byzantine empire, located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is considered to be one of the most important architectural achievements in the world and is an iconic example of Byzantine architecture due largely to its dome which.
  2. The Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul, Turkey, is a treasure trove of photographic possibilities; a stunning architectural fantasy of a building filled with light and shadow gliding softly across the ancient marble surfaces. Of all the places to visit in Istanbul, a city bursting with incredible buildings, this was my favourite
  3. The young conqueror's decision to convert the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in Greek, now known as Ayasofya in Turkish - into an imperial mosque was a powerful symbolic act, as was a move nearly.
  4. Enter the magnificent Hagia Sophia, which is the world's largest place of worship, built by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD. Enjoy a guided tour inside and see the tallest dome of the largest Christian church in the world

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  1. Hagia Sofia Mansions Istanbul, Curio Collection By Hilton, Istanbul: Zobrazte 285 recenzí zákazníků, 272 fotografií cestovatelů a skvělé nabídky pro zařízení Hagia Sofia Mansions Istanbul, Curio Collection By Hilton, které se v Instanbulu umístilo jako 18. z 1 802 hotely a je ohodnocené na Tripadvisor jako 4,5 z
  2. First church[edit] Interior view of the Hagia Sophia, showing Islamic elements on the top of the main dome. The first church on the site was known as the Μεγάλη Ἐκκλησία (Megálē Ekklēsíā, Great Church), or in Latin Magna Ecclesia,[12][13] because of its larger dimensions in comparison to the contemporary churches in the City.[3] Inaugurated on 15 February 360 (during.
  3. or exedras the walls, originally and in some cases were closed with stained glass
  4. The Hagia Sophia A masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, the Hagia Sophia (in Greek, hagia = holy, sophia = wisdom) is one of the great buildings of the world. It was constructed in an incredibly short time between 532 and 537 during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian. Its two architects wer
  5. ders of its various rulers. One of Istanbul's greatest treasures is the Hagia Sophia Museum. It was a mosque for 482 years and a church for 916 years. Presently, Hagia Sophia is a museum, which features design elements of both a church and a mosque
  6. Tips for visiting the Hagia Sophia. It can also be very hot standing in the queue so take something to drink and some form of shade. Be prepared for scaffolding. restoration work has been ongoing for quite some time making it difficult to photograph the stunning interior. Don't bring a tripod- they are not allowed inside the Hagia Sophia museum

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  1. The Underground World of the Hagia Sophia ; The incredible subterranean Basilica Cistern ; Inside the Dome (Photo: MiGowa) Proclaimed by Marlise Simons , writing in the New York Times , to have changed the history of architecture, the Hagia Sophia has a truly magnificent dome, and was the largest cathedral in the world for thousands of years.It held this distinction until St Peter's.
  2. A true analogy with the history of the Cathedral of Córdoba would be to turn the site of Hagia Sofia and the building back into what it was before the Muslim conquest, namely a Christian site with one of the greatest churches ever built—the Basilica of Hagia Sofia, Holy Wisdom
  3. Inside Hagia Sophia, the Christian frescoes and the glittering mosaics adorning the cavernous dome and central hall will be concealed by curtains during Muslim prayer times, but remain on display.
  4. Hagia Sophia is considered to be one among the greatest man-made wonders in the world. Initially constructed as a church during the early Byzantine rule, it withstood the ravages of time to become the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years. When the Ottoman Turks captured Istanbul, the church was converted to a regal mosque
  5. The resultant Icons of Sound project is based on some ingenious methods, like recording of balloon pops inside the actual Hagia Sophia interior space, complemented by a bevy other visual and audio measures that have aided in deducing the possible historical acoustics of the famed domed structure. The compiled data was then used to digitally recreate the ambiance, accompanied by medieval church music that was performed inside the university's Bing Concert Hall (which replicated the Eastern.

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Inside Hagia Sophia. Take a 360 degree tour around the Byzantine landmark that has been preserved for nearly 1500 years. Entrance | Left Corridor 1 | Left Corridor 2 | Right Corridor 1 | Right Corridor Nov 12, 2018 - Built in 532-537 by Emperor Justinian in Constantinople (Istanbul). See more ideas about hagia sophia, istanbul, hagia sophia istanbul Prayers at Hagia Sophia will crown decades-long Muslim campaign Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan paid a surprise visit to Hagia Sofia on Sunday just days... In Pictures: Eid celebrated around the world Top News Videos for hagia sophia pictures inside. 02:08. Erdogan joins thousands for first prayers at Hagia Sophia

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Inside of Hagia Sophia - snap to enlargeToday, a gigantic platform is set in the focal point of the nave for rebuilding efforts of the principle vault which is embraced for numerous years. Four holy messenger wings design the four pendentives which bolster the arch. The light fixtures for candles or oil lights are from the Ottoman time frame The 'Little Hagia Sophia' mosque (Turkish: Küçük Ayasofya Camii) was formerly the Church of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus.The Greek Eastern Orthodox church was converted into a mosque during Ottoman times in the early 16th century Hagia Sophia masterpiece mosaics to be preserved. Turkey's presidential spokesperson has said the art, artefacts and architecture of the historic building will not be damaged. A Turkish court annulled a 1934 decree to restore Hagia Sophia's status as a mosque, with the first prayers set for July 24 Measuring 75 meters long, 70 meters wide, and 58 meters high (from the floor to the top of the dome), the Hagia Sophia is a mammoth space. In the exonarthex (outer vestibule) and narthex (inner vestibule) are fine early Christian mosaics. During the building's tenure as a working mosque, these were covered up under whitewash, but reconstruction work since 1931, when the Hagia Sophia became a. In a televised address to the nation, Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and he urged respect for the decision. I underline that we will open Hagia Sophia..

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As the call to prayer reverberated from the Hagia Sophia's four minarets, huge crowds spread prayer mats on the lawns outside. Inside, the president, wearing an Islamic skullcap, recited a verse. Built 1,500 years ago as the main church of the Byzantine Empire, Hagia Sophia (which means holy wisdom) was the most important house of worship in Christianity for almost a thousand years A woman gestures in front of the Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya, after a court decision that paves the way for it to be converted from a museum back into a mosque, in Istanbul, Turkey, July 10, 2020 Unlimited stay inside ; Audio guide app in 10 languages; Hagia Sophia orientation tour with English speaking official tour guide; Hagia Sophia Meeting Times . Daily except Mondays at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:0

Hagia Sophia itself is the most beautiful museum, and even alone is a better historical monument. We cannot comprehend the conversion of this monument into a museum. A message to the Wes Hagia Sophia, at the time of the runic inscription one of the most holy churches in Christendom. Arild Vågen / cc by-sa 3.0 Interior of Hagia Sophia from the spot where the runic inscription is. Fast Track Advantage for Hagia Sofia Guided Tours. Only the guided groups have the privilege of fast track during their Hagia Sophia visit. Tour guides are able to purchase your ticket immediately from a ticket office. It enables you to get inside the museum as fast as possible. Therefore I recommend you to hire a Hagia Sophia tour guide in. Hagia Sophia is so admired in the Islamic world it becomes the classic model for mosques throughout the Ottoman Empire. But today, Hagia Sophia is a museum, a showcase of its religious and. Hagia Sophia: Row over ancient Turkish monument 'a test for the country's future' The 1,400-year-old building has previously been a cathedral and a mosque, but currently acts as a museum

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Hagia Sophia is the former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque and now a museum located in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in AD 537 (Byzantine architecture), during the reign of Justinian 1, the Eastern Roman emperor, it is famous for its large dome Enter the magnificent Hagia Sophia, which is the world's largest place of worship, built by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD. Enjoy a guided tour inside Within hours, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a decree handing over Hagia Sophia to Turkey's Religious Affairs Presidency. In a televised address to the nation, Erdogan said the first prayers inside Hagia Sofia would be held on July 24, and he urged respect for the decision About 1,000 to 1,500 people are expected to attend this week's Friday Prayers inside Hagia Sophia, to be led by Ali Erbaş, head of Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs (the Diyanet. Hagia Sophia Museum in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, arguably is one of the most important historical relics that illustrate the development of the country's civilization. Before it became a museum by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, modern Turkey's state leaders in 1935, the Hagia Sophia building or Aya Sofya, it was first built in 360 AD by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine Turkey's Recep Tayip Erdogan has ordered the conversion of the city's famous Hagia Sophia into a mosque after a Turkish court ruled annulled a 1934 presidential decree which made it a museum

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